Call centers are notorious for strained relationships between Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) and managers. Peco, a major utility company based in Pennsylvania wanted to improve customer service and decrease the tension between the CSR’s and first line managers.

The Coaching Clinic was implemented. A week after the training, supervisors were asked if the clinic helped. Jeanne Mudd, a Call Center Supervisor summed it up “ I’ve already seen the results of the training with productivity improvements in my department- the coaching clinic was fantastic.”

Because of the success to date close to 200 employees throughout the Exelon organization at both ComEd and Peco have been through the coaching clinic.

Often the organizational perception is that coaching skills are only for supervisors. Coaching skills can be used very successfully with all employees- peer to peer, employee to manager, secretary to boss, or manger to employee.

If there is a communication problem- try coaching.