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Keynotes, Motivational Speaking Engagements, and Relationship Seminars are often given at associations, retreats, and various groups.

All speaking engagements are custom tailored to meet the groups specific need. Here is a list of some commonly requested presentations.

NO Boundaries – keynote ” Six months after Bobby was born, we started planning for his funeral.” Medical test lead doctors to believe that he wouldn’t live beyond his first birthday. And if by some miracle he did survive,he would never walk. Everyone was resigned to Bobby’s fate….. Everyone, that is except Bobby.  As Bobby celebrates his forth birthday he is nurturing a dream. A dream not to just walk….. but… to RUN! With this true story of her son, Deanne explores this incredible journey with Bobby to communicate the important lessons like power of perseverance, overcoming our fears of failure, and daring to dream BIG! What is YOUR DREAM?

  • Is it a new career?
  • A new job?
  • Personal success?
  • Financial freedom?

Whatever the personal goal or dream for a fulfilling future this keynote will inspire you to take action. Through Bobby’s Eyes is an amazing motivational and inspirational true story of a young boy who had a dream. This compelling story will leave participants with the belief that if “Bobby Can- I Can.”  They too, can learn to crawl, walk and finally run toward their dreams.

Understanding the Love of your Life – workshop This relationship-building workshop is intended for couples who wish to develop a better understanding of themselves and their partners through stronger communication.   Utilizing the time tested DiSC model, participants determine their preferred pattern and learn the inherent strengths and undeveloped aspects of that pattern. Couples will also learn how to communicate more effectively with their partner in conflict situations.
You’re Driving Me CRAZY – keynote or workshop Do You recognize these people?

  • The Know it ALL’s: arrogant  and opomionated
  • The Gripers: Is anything ever right?
  • The Dictators: bully and intimidate others

There are basically two types of people at work and in life., those that are cooperative and those that are disruptive. Dealing with difficult people is a challenge for all of us. Learn how to spot a possible disruptor from across the room and the strategies on how to deal with them. In this past paced, humorous and interactive presentation you will laugh and learn the secrets in working with and communicating more effectively with the difficult people in you life.  For work teams and departments. This very popular keynote or workshop helps co-workers work more effectively with each other. Participants walk away with concrete tools for communicating more effectively in conflict situations and what motivates and de-motivates synergistic team process. This workshop is perfect for leaders, managers, and work teams.

Time can be 1 hour to 3 hours, or full day. Deanne can customize you program to fit your needs.
Traffic Control – keynote or workshop This seminar addresses relationship conflict and the collisions that all couples experience in their daily lives. Conflict can be resolved in a way that is beneficial for all concerned. This seminar teaches couples the nuts and bolts of how to fight fair- and addresses conflict so everyone wins. What is covered:

  • Relationship Pillars of a strong marriage.
  • Meaningful Communication
  • Building the Relationship Bank Account
  • Eliminating the “#1 Relationship Destroyer”
  • Tools for relationship success (this includes “Fight Fair” information)
  • Damage control- healing words for broken hearts
 Keeping the Love Tank Full – keynote or workshop Marriages might be made in heaven but maintenance is done on earth. This seminar provides many communication tools to help smooth out life’s bumps in the road creating a more harmonious relationship. What is covered:

  • Love Talk Overview
  • Understanding you and your partner’s unspoken love language
  • Keys to loving relationships
  • Using personal energy to create better relationships.
  • Power of words
  • Power of listening
Building Relationship Cornerstones – keynote or workshop  This seminar is designed for singles on how to build lasting interpersonal relationships. Participants are given the tools for building the strong cornerstones for lasting relationships. This talk can also be given in a workshop format with individual assessments for added development.
The Big Bad Wolf Got a Bad Rap – keynote or workshop Through a popular children’s story, participants discuss how to get to the heart of conflict. Participants leave with the “On Task Discussion” technique and several tools for resolving daily conflicts.
Sherman Tanks, Grenades, and Other Conflict Snipers Participants will learn how each of us becomes a difficult person in a conflict situation. They will also learn the techniques on how to deal effectively with each of the difficult personality types.

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